Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mountain View Acres

To describe Mountain View Acres is like describing the idealogic lifestyle, for me at least.  Beautiful rolling Pennsylvania hills, chickens, cows, pigs, horses, and dogs all roaming freely and coexisting happily in Brush Valley, and no loud machinery!  Mervin and Sylvia Allgyer, owners and operators of Mountain View Acres, work without power tools, using horses to plow their fields and themselves and their children to plant their crops, tend the animals, and complete the never ending task of a farmer.  The Allgyers really encompass all that there is to a rural farmer's life.  They grow rows and rows, field after field of produce, have countless egg laying and roasting chickens that roam freely from their pen and throughout the farm, a couple dairy cows and a good number of beef cows, a large family of pigs, and at least half a dozen horses either roaming or doing work.  At the market they sell their eggs (a very hot commodity), and chickens, as well as produce.  At their farm you can buy beef or pork as well.  

One trip out to their farm and it's not hard to imagine a simpler, yet labor intense, life that they live, one that is uncommon to find nowadays. The quality of their produce and most importantly their animal products is hard to find (and very popular at the Pittsburgh market in which they sell too).  The way they humanely raise their animals is a rarity in todays majority of factory farms.  It is truly a treasure to have such high quality products sold at the Indiana Farmers' Market, and a great family at that!!